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AERA – American Educational Research Association


  • Spring conference, usually around April

  • Submissions (2,000 words) are due early/mid July with notifications made in November

  • Apply strategically, using SIGs to increase your chances of acceptance.

  • Applying as a 3-4 paper panel will also increase chances of acceptance.

  • I believe they have travel scholarships for first time students who are presenting.

  • AERA Member Student fee: $70 (registration)


AEFP – American Education Finance & Policy


  • Not just a finance conference – a small conference with high quality policy work here. “Big names” researchers frequently attend.

  • Spring conference, usually in March

  • Submissions are due mid-November (500 words) with notifications made in December

  • They may waive some of the registration fee if you volunteer to help

  • Registration rate: $225


UCEA – University Council on Educational Administration


  • Fall conference, usually November

  • Submissions are due early May (2,000 words) with notifications made in June

  • A good conference for sharing and discussing research with k-12 practitioners (primarily school leaders)


APPAM – American Public Policy & Management


  • Fall conference, usually November

  • Submissions are due in April (500 words) with notifications made in July

  • A high quality conference with broad public policy interests

  • Registration rate: Member student $165


SREE – Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness


  • Two conferences – a sociology/policy conference in the spring (March) and an instructional/curriculum conference in the fall (September)

  • Submissions for the fall conference are due late April (2,000 words); submissions for the spring conference are due mid-October

  • Excellent methods short-courses offered here

  • Registration rate: $250 (Workshop: $100, Small course: $200)


CIES – Comparative and International Education Society


ASHE – Association for the Study of Higher Education


  • Fall conference, usually November

  • Submissions are due in early May (2,000 words) with notifications made mid-July.

  • Student member rate: $125


AIR – Association for Institutional Research


  • Spring conference, usually May

  • Submissions are due early October with notifications made late December

  • Many grants and scholarships for graduate students

  • Student member rate: $140


GLS Conference – Games + Learning + Society


  • Summer conference, usually June

  • Good research on schools and technology

  • Student member rate: $150


ICQI – International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry


  • Spring Conference, usually mid-May

  • Submissions are due in early December

  • Student member rate: $110

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